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Geographies of belonging

poster design

The poster and promotional pieces for the exhibition have been designed by Negar Yazdanpanah and Michel Motoshaleh, two graphic designers who are newcomer professional creatives themselves. The graphic pattern of the poster was chosen to evoke the idea of different lands through the use of different shapes and sizes connected through the use of monochromatic colour that reminds us of sand and earth. This exhibition invited artists to reflect on different aspects of being a newcomer in Canada through the significance of symbolic and formal borders. Each artwork opens a conversation between the viewer and the artists who, through their work and sensitivity, express their background and culture, and how living in a new land may have impacted their concept of identity and belonging. The geography, the physical location, becomes a “crossing point” of a global political era that evidences our historical situation in which the idea of belonging is constructed by many cultural, conceptual and physical intersections.

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